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How to Use Snapchat for Your Business

When discussing your social media marketing strategies, does your business mainly focus on the behemoths of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Your answer is probably yes, and understandably so, given how massive “the big 3” are. However, you will soon be missing out if you don’t start using Snapchat – and the unique opportunities it presents – to market your business.

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Social Media Showdown

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn – Which is Best for your business? If you’re in business for yourself, then you’re likely painfully aware of the importance of social media in your marketing strategy. “Your business needs a Twitter account!” “Is your business on Facebook?” “Connect with customers on LinkedIn!” Makes you wanna reach for the

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Yelp’s ad pitch gets bad reviews

Yelp’s ad pitch gets bad reviews from some Seattle-area business owners Owners of some small businesses here say they’ve been pressured to Yelp when the consumer review site’s screening system displays disproportionately negative reviews. Some Seattle-area businesses say the consumer-review site Yelp isn’t exactly what it claims to be: “Real People. Real Reviews.” Instead, they

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The Review War!

As a followup, in December, TripAdvisor acknowledged that its traffic from Google dropped by more than 10% since Google made the changes to its search results that emphasized the Google Places content. Curiously, this came on the heels of an October claim that “TripAdvisor benefits from Google’s new Place Search feature” which clearly proved to be mistaken.

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