SEO Myths and Misconceptions

It’s not always easy to be a SEO professional . It’s an industry like lawyers and plastic surgeons. There are great ones, but there are so many bad ones that the entire industry has a bad name. Now, SEO has come a long way from where it was 5-6 years ago and when first meeting with clients they slightly more informed on the concept of SEO then they were in the past. The only bad thing about this is that the information that they have is from bad SEO agencies. Things like meta keywords affecting SERP, being able to rank for a keyword you aren’t using, ranking for keywords that has no relevance to your site, SEO is a “Quick Fix”, Inbound links are the only way Google determines a site’s authority, SEO is a one time thing, and my all time personal favorite SEO Certifications.[divider invisible]
There are so many of these less then honest, phony, scheming SEO companies in the market that are still infecting our industry with their on going “zombie lies” about organic SEO that are infecting their clients. [divider invisible]
So in defense of the all of the honest and hard working agencies that have researched, studied, and evolved with the industry I am dedicating an area to put these lies and their companies on notice; expose their lies, and finally give these “zombie lies” a bit of mercy.[divider invisible]
My 1st topic is going to cover my all time favorite lie!